Welcome to my Renaissance Palace

Thanks for hanging out with me. This is my space where I get to share all the really cool things I blissfully enjoy. My motive? Just something I wanted to do for me..and by extention to try and bring a ray of sunshine into someone else’s experience. I love creating and doing things that brings a smile to the faces of people around me. Over the course of my life, I learned to really appreciate the many God-given talents that I have been blessed with, and I quickly realized I derive more enjoyment from those blessing when I am able to share the fruits of those gifts with others. That is what led me to creating this blog aptly titled: Renaissance Palace. There are many things I truly enjoy doing; that brings me incredible joy in the simple act of doing them. The icing on the cake is when I can eat my cake with others.

I want to take this opportunity to highlight the fact that I am not a ‘pro’ blogger by any stretch to the imagination. This is just my little ‘Girl Cave‘ where I get to blog about a few of the things I do that allows me to follow my bliss. I share how I do them, why I do them, and how they improve my life. Now I realize most people don’t give a hoot about any of that, and that’s okay, my mission in sharing the whats, whys, hows and benefits of my life now is actually more self-serving than anything else and I freely admit that, but in the process of a little self-help, it is also my wish to share what helps me improve my life with others.

Renaissance Palace is pretty much an eclectic mesh of all the things I believe and have been told I do very well. I know I do not have the monopoly on being good at many things and appreciate connecting with others like myself. Feel free to stop in every now and then. I have much to share including:

  • a few really fun and easy cooking concoctions,
  • how being a student of the law of attraction saved my life and continues to do so,
  • my paintings and how that turned me into a ‘true’ visual artist,
  • my dream Inn and much, much more.

Be sure to return often, and if you prefer, subscribe to Renaissance Palace and never miss an update.

Thanks for stopping in!
Eclectic 😀


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