Dishing the Cream on my home-made Cauliflower soup

One of the things I am grateful for and now appreciate about myself is the fact that I am in fact a pretty darn good cook. I’ve done it since before Adam was a boy…at least since I was old enough to lift a pot, and that’s a long time. Over the years, because of limited income (a phrase I try not use any more) and having to make do with just the basics of life, I have learned the skills necessary to create amazing dishes out of the “nothings” I see in my old Mother Hubbard’s cupboard. I love experimenting with limited ingredients to create meals that taste great and what I consider healthy for me.

The other day the local grocery store had heads of cauliflower for a marked-down price of a whopping $1.49. Can’t beat that price, I thought. I purchased a pack, not quite sure what I would do with it since I am not a huge fan of vegetables. Arriving home, I decided I’d better do something with it fast as it was beginning to lose its freshness, which is why I supposed they had it marked down. At first I thought I’d just lightly steam them and freeze them for later use, but then I got this brilliant idea (I get those sometimes) to pulverize the steam veggies, add a little milk (I would have used real cream if I had it), a few of my favourite spices, and create my version of creamed of cauliflower soup. Well, the results were astonishing, if I do say so myself! The two heads of cauliflower yielded a fair amount of mixture. I now have enough soup to last me the entire week, just in time as Fall, my favourite time of the year, makes its cooler entrance.


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